Sauna Hannes

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Sauna Hannes

Saun Hannes is a 43mm injection moulded sauna house with two rooms.

Specification of materials and furnishings:

  • Wall material: freestanding timber 43mm
  • Impregnated floor frame
  • Floorboard solid: 28mm
  • Roof board: 25mm
  • Roofing: Icopal rolled bitumen
  • Ventilation openings
  • Harvia M3 wood stove with glass door
  • Harvia stainless metal modular chimney
  • Stainless steel 40l hot water tank + tap (to be installed between flue pipes).
  • Cembrit heat barrier tiles between the heater and the wood wall
  • Wound/cardboard sauna lavatory set
  • Door with packing glass and gaskets
  • Tilt-and-turn window with glazing and gaskets
  • Sauna house weight: 1170kg

- The sauna is delivered preassembled. Access by forklift is required for installation. 
- For sauna foundation we use special ground screws (6 pcs).  

* Brown wood oil: 250€
* Brown with wood oil + dark brown trims: 350€.
* Up to two different colours: 450€
* All exterior finishing prices include floor finishing with terrazzo oil. 
We can also finish to the customer's colour code - please contact our customer service:

Sauna Hannes - Installation

Delivery time depends on whether the product is currently in stock and whether the product is ordered with or without finishing.

  • In stock (unfinished sauna): 3-5 working days 
  • In stock (outdoor sauna): up to 2 weeks
  • On order (products not currently in stock): 6-7 weeks

Shorter or longer delivery times are also possible with prior agreement.

Hannes Sauna - Drawing
Weight 1170 kg
Dimensions 190 × 330 × 250 cm
Exterior finishing

Natural (unfinished), Brown wood oil, Brown wood oil + dark brown strips, Swedish red + white strips, Dark grey + white strips, Sandy brown + white strips, Green + white strips

Further information

Building the foundation

Wall material

Freespuit 43mm

Floorboard solid wood


Roof board



Icopal roll bitumen

Hot water tank



Harvia M3

Sauna house foundation

Sauna foundation installation

We offer the construction of sauna foundations with soil crawlers. We use 80cm long screwed cables. Screw foundations are a modern solution for a durable foundation. It is also easy to fix the sauna to the ground screws to prevent the sauna from falling over (strong wind, vandalism).

Smallholding Screw foundation

Set of sauna foundation screws for self-installation

For customers who wish to install the sauna themselves, we offer a special set of outdoor sauna foundation screws in our e-shop.

Fibo block foundation

The sauna can also be installed on a lighter foundation (stone or Fibo blocks).
Number of support points needed 6pcs

Sauna transport

Sauna crane service

As an additional service, we offer transport of intermediate containers by crane truck. The car is equipped with a hydraulic crane, which can be used to lift the finished toilets to a suitable location. The crane has a lifting height of 4,5m. N.B. The location must be sufficiently accessible.

Dimensions of the truck:
Length: 6800mm
Width: 2180mm
Total mass: 3550 kg

- Võrumaa, Põlvamaa, Tartumaa, Valgamaa 270€
- Viljandimaa, Jõgevamaa 290€
- Pärnumaa, Läänemaa, Harjumaa, Raplamaa, Järvamaa, Lääne-Virumaa, Ida-Virumaa: 370€
- Saaremaa, Hiiumaa 490€

Towing your trailer to the sauna

It is also possible to pick up the sauna at the factory with your own transport. For example, the sauna can be transported with a car trailer with a load capacity of at least 1200kg. The suitable width of the trailer is min. 2m. For the attachment of the load, it is sufficient to use two stronger load straps of 6m length.

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